Marriage is a team sport

What Is Marriage?

Marriage is a team sportWhat is Marriage?

“Any picture of marriage that places one spouse above the other, as if one were more important than the other is not God’s picture of marriage. Husbands and wives must work with one another, not over one another. You are not there to control one another, but to serve one another.”

#2 COMPATIBILITY—it’s not what you think!
“The things about your spouse that are different from you are the very things you need to help you become who and how God wants you to be. What makes a couple compatible is not that they like the same things, but that they have the same unshakeable commitment to God and to one another.”

“When you look at God’s original blueprint for marriage, before cultural norms and government involvement, you cannot ignore God’s methodical specificity when it comes to gender in marriage. In Genesis 1: 27-28, it doesn’t just say God created people. It’s specific…male and female.”

“Unity is about more than the consummation of the marriage. Unity does not mean you become clones of one another. God has created each spouse completely unique…biologically, physically, emotionally… in every way. Unity is like the grafting of a branch, you bind two branches together, it grows, and the two branches become one.”


  • God’s design and desire for marriage is that there would be a complete openness between a husband and wife. That there would be nothing hidden between them. That each would feel completely safe to share their whole heart, triumphs, fears, desires, insecurities.
  • Too many spouses lack this transparency with one another. They hide their fears. They hide their insecurities. They hide their frustrations. And then they wonder why there’s not a closeness between them, and why things are not like they used to be.
  • Yes, it’s risky, because we live on the other side of Eden. But it is still God’s plan for a great marriage.

“God’s original intention was that marriage be a single and exclusive commitment between one man and one woman that lasted until death do they part.”

BUT what if I’m divorced?

“No person stands up on their wedding day expecting their marriage to end in divorce. I’m well aware that there will be marriages that end in divorce. Jesus even went on to say that Moses allowed for divorce because the hardness of the human heart and the necessity of taking care of the spouse that was left. BUT…This was not God’s original intention, and we are always better off to strive for God’s original intention.”

“Husbands, our responsibility is to give ourselves up for our wives. Husbands are to submit to wives by loving their wives enough to give up themselves for them.

Wives are to submit to husbands by respecting them. THAT DOES NOT MEAN allowing them to act in ways that are harmful, hurtful, and disrespectful. It does mean that you…admire them for their gifts, talents, achievements, and good qualities…and that you have regard for their feelings and needs.” —Bret Legg

“While God created marriage for us, it is not all about us.” —David McKinley.
“God intends for people to look at your marriage and see the love, the sacrifice, the service, the unity, and the joy of Christ.” —Bret Legg

An excerpt from the sermon on Sunday, August 13, 2017 by Bret Legg, Teaching & Counseling Pastor, Warren Baptist Church.

To listen/watch to the entire message, click here.

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