Safe and Secure

Security policies are in effect.

  1. Guests check in at the Lemonade Stand.
  2. Others check in at a computer near the Lemonade Stand.
  3. Each child receives a name badge to wear.   Place name badge on child’s back (exception: put on front of babies brought into room in carriers).
  4. Child’s parent receives a security name badge numbered to match the child’s name badge for parent to return when picking up child.
  5. Parent walks child to room and signs child in on Sign In/Out sheet.  Check hour(s) child will attend.
  6. Write special instructions and time for bottle, nap, etc. on Sign In/Out sheet.
  7. Enter parent’s cell numbers on Sign In/Out sheet.  Circle the preferred number to call in the event one parent is not available on a particular day.  If using pager, mark out cell number and add pager number.
  8. At pick up time, parent returns to the child’s room and gives the matching number security badge to child’s leader who will match it to the number on the child’s name badge.
  9. Parent signs child out on Sign In/Out sheet.
  10. Children will not be released to other children.  Parents must return the matching number security badge when returning to pick up child.

Thank you for helping us keep your child safe and secure!