God uses prayer to encourage us, equip us, strengthen our faith, and draw us closer to Him. We invite you to make prayer a part of your daily life and we would like to encourage and equip you.


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The Prayer Room is available 24 hours a day for personal and private prayer. If you would like to have someone pray for your need personally, members of our prayer team are available in the Prayer Room on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:15 PM.


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Please use our online prayer board below to share a prayer request with us or to pray for weekly prayer needs.


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Glo Ba

Lord Jesus please, please, please deliver daughter Nyree from all addictions, please set her free completely and forever from alcohol/drugs,smoking addiction, heal her mentally and emotionally, set her free from anxiety. oppression and depression. Lord protect her where ever she is.send your angels to encamp around her. send your people to help her and to get her the help she needs. Lord grant us peace and let us hear that she is safe where you want her to be. thank you Lord Jesus amen

Received: November 19, 2019

Ashlie M.

I moved up to Augusta recently without family. I just need some prayers that they are safe and that I can find somewhere I belong in this city.

Received: November 11, 2019


Prayers for so many things in my life. Too many to list here. But I will mention a few that way extra heavy on my heart. Prayers for my family’s heath - they’re all sick and I worry for them. Cyst in the brain, possible cancer is just the couple that my family is facing. Prayers for my father - he’s the breadwinner and the only one working to support my Mom and two sisters - whom all are having health issues. His boss is taking advantage of him and working him too hard. He’s getting older and I’m worried the stress may kill him. Prayers for my fiancé - he is agnostic. It hurts to know that if something happened to him (God forbid) that I wouldn’t see him again. I worry for him immensely. I wish he’d open his heart to God. He’s a great man but a confused one as well. It’s hard for me to understand why he can’t just open his heart to Him. To just take a leap of faith (with little that he may or may not have) and just accept Jesus and pray to have an open heart. Finally prayers for myself. My heart is so heavy. My mind is cluttered. And my soul is weary but anxious. Thank you so much for praying.

Received: November 10, 2019

Edmund Krzeminski

Pray for USA, Canada, Poland, and Great Britain, to know the Lord. For my family, pray for our hearts to be turned toward ministry. Pray, we would seek the Lord's discernment in all situations. I also ask for order in our prospective jobs, and school situations. For guidance and to be a light in dark places.

Received: November 3, 2019

I prayed for this

Prayed for 1 time.


To live a more Godly lifestyle.

Received: October 22, 2019

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