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MA_State Card
  • The population of Massachusetts is 6.9 million people.
  • Massachusetts is the birthplace of both basketball (invented in Springfield in 1891) and volleyball (invented in Holyoke in 1895).
  • The first-ever Dunkin Donuts opened in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1948. Today, there’s a Massachusetts location for every 6500 people in the state. In the state's capital of Boston, residents are never more than 1.45 miles away from a Dunkin’.
  • 58% of adults in Massachusetts identify as “Christian”, but only 9% identify as “Evangelical Christian”
  • 32% of adults in Massachusetts identify as “religious nones”
  • In Boston there is 1 Southern Baptist Church for every 38,179 people.


  • Pray for Encounter Church in Westwood, MA, and their pastors Chris Causey and Jason Hodges.
  • Encounter Church is the largest gospel-preaching church in a 15-mile area of Greater Boston.
  • Pray that church members will be catalysts for interactions that lead to encounters with Christ.
  • Pray for Warren as we recruit a mission team to support Encounter’s work at one of their largest outreach events, Norwood Day. This trip is scheduled for September 3-8, 2019. For more information contact