Haley Bourne

My favorite Tenth Avenue North song says, “No man is an island…we’re not meant to live this life alone.” This statement couldn’t be truer, especially during college and post-graduate years. I was unsuccessful in finding a core group of friends to share life with during my time at Augusta University and unfortunately did not come to the College & 20’s Ministry [at Warren] until my senior year of college. However, I’m forever grateful to have found such a genuine, Christ-centered community to be surrounded with as a young professional. My faith has grown tremendously in the four years I have attended this ministry and I continue to see God’s goodness and provisions in my life through learning more about Him. This community of young adults has been my shoulder to cry on in times of need, my coffee/fro-yo partners “just because”, and SO much more. I thank God for this great group of men and women in my life! —Haley Bourne

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