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Warren Grovetown is a community of believers committed to the authority, deity and mission of Jesus Christ.  We are a second campus of Warren and are dedicated to advancing the Gospel together in our neighborhoods and around the world as we make disciples and multiply disciple-makers!

Projected launch date: March 16, 2014 with two worship times at 9:30 and 11:15 a.m


Future Campus

Check out this video for a preview of the proposed transformation for the new Grovetown campus.


We believe that serving, worship, and community are essential to the christian life and yet in churches across America 80% of the work usually falls on 20% of the people.  As Warren Grovetown gathers for worship, we desire to embrace a culture in which each member is actively committed to serving one hour and attending one hour each week.

 Sign-up to SERVE at Warren Grovetown.

Essential Dates

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