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Prepare your mind and heart for Sunday's message throughout the week. Each week on this page you'll find:

  • Scripture passage for the upcoming Sunday message
  • Questions to consider as you read
  • Tips for how to study the Bible
  • Prayer points from the passage
  • Link to the Weekly Life Group Study Guide
  • Warren Worship Spotify Playlist


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For Sunday, October 21, 2018:

READ: Luke 19:1-27

Read through the passage every day this week. Ask and seek to answer the following questions from the passage and surrounding text:

  • Who is involved in the passage?
  • What is happening? Where is this taking place?
  • Is there a problem or concern being addressed?
  • Do you see any repeated words or phrases? How do they help you understand the main point of the passage?
  • What questions does the text raise? Can you uncover any of the answers to these questions from the text? (Unanswered questions are okay. Pray through them and be patient with the text and yourself as you study.)
  • What do you learn about God, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit from this passage?
  • What do you learn about the gospel from this passage? What aspects of the gospel are seen in this passage?


#1 Read Repeatedly: Reading a passage of Scripture repeatedly is key to understanding and applying the Bible. To learn more, read
10 Ways to Read the Bible on the Warren: A Way of Life blog.

#2 Read and Mark the Text: Print out the passage of Scripture, double-spaced, and use to mark up the text and make notes as you read. To learn more on marking the text and questions to ask as you read, take a look at Reading Thoughtfully, Reading Purposefully, and Reading Selectively in the blog post, 10 Ways to Read the Bible linked below.

*Group Study Guide is normally available on Thursdays prior to Sunday's message.

*Weekly Interactive Guide is available for most messages and is posted on Sunday morning.


Listen/Watch this week's Scripture passage through our storying video. Learn more about Storying and how you can use it to share your faith. (Storying videos are posted each week on Thursday for the upcoming Sunday message.)


Weekly Prayer Tip:

Pray for Opportunities of Influence
Pray and ask the Lord to empower and ready you to share your time, your gifts, and your story of redemption to those He places in your path. Pray that God will give you opportunities to share Him with others this week. Ask Him to help you discover your “city” or place of influence. Make a list of who you are to share the Gospel with or influence for the Lord. Carry the list with you. Tape a copy of your list where you can see it so that you think of your “city” often and are reminded of the opportunities God gives you to influence others for His Kingdom.

Fasting Fridays:

Our church is designating Fridays in the months of September and October as fasting days (#fastingfriday). Our Fasting Guide will help you focus your prayer time each Friday and gain greater focus and perspective as you pray.

Below are some tips that may help you as you decide what type of fast you will choose for our Fasting Fridays:

  • For some, fasting from all food is not an option for health reasons. If you have concerns, check with your physician before embarking on a total fast from food.
  • You may find that you can fast from one particular food or food group (sugar or desserts, chocolate, soda, coffee or caffeine).
  • You may choose to fast from one meal rather than doing a total fast.
  • Another consideration for fasting is to give up something non-food related such as TV, social media, cell phone, movies, or some other non-food pleasure.
  • It is best to prepare your body for fasting from food or caffeine by gradually reducing the amount of these items you intake a few days prior.
  • Remember to consider what your day will be like during the time you fast. Is there a social event on the calendar where food is involved? How will you handle that situation?

I hope you will join us for these next few Fridays as we seek to ready our hearts, our minds, and our feet to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those around us.


Prepare your heart through worship. Our Warren Worship Spotify Playlist contains the songs regularly sung in Sunday morning worship services at Warren. Worship through song all throughout your week!


Based on what you've read in this week's Scripture passage, is there something God is calling you to do?

How might God be calling you to prepare through giving this week?

We believe that giving for a believer is not a money issue; it is a heart issue. Knowing God as the Owner and Provider of all things, we use the resources He has provided each of us to help people and accomplish the purposes He has placed before us. Online Giving