We want to help you grow in your relationship with God. Reading the Bible is an important part of knowing God and growing in your relationship with Him. We need to be active learners of the Bible, which requires that we spend individual time in God's Word in addition to the time we spend listening to teaching and preaching from the Bible by another. We want to help you grow in this area!

To that end, to help you prepare your heart and mind for the message on Sunday each week we provide the Bible passage for the upcoming Sunday message as well as Bible reading, study, and prayer tips.

August Series in the Book of Job

Overview of Job

How do you trust God even when life isn’t fair and you suffer for no good reason? Job explores the difficult question of God's relationship to human suffering and invites us to trust God's wisdom and character. Job’s story invites us to consider what it means that God runs the world by wisdom, and how this truth can bring peace in dark times.

Throughout the book of Job, we see Job and his friends wrestling with the question of why a God who is wise and just let such horrible things happen to an innocent man. It's a question that God Himself answers, though not in the direct way Job was expecting.

Instead, God takes Job on a virtual tour of the universe, giving him a tiny window into all the complexity of which God is in control. In doing this, God is showing Job that his suffering is just one tiny part of an infinitely large cosmic scheme that God is controlling through His wisdom. Even though God's answer was more than satisfactory and even though Job was humbled by it, God still chose to restore all Job's blessings to him.

For Sunday, August 9:

Read: Job 2


Watch the overview video of Job from The Bible Project:



Study Guide

The Study Guide is for individual/small group use to prompt further through discussion with others. A new guide will post each week on Thursday to help you get ready for the upcoming Sunday message.

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Digital Worship Guide

The Note Taking Guide is part of our Digital Worship Guide for the upcoming Sunday message accessed through the YouVersion Bible app. A new guide will post each week on Thursday for the upcoming Sunday message. Watch the video below to learn how to use.


#1 Read Repeatedly: Repeatedly reading a passage of Scripture is key to understanding and applying the Bible.

#2 Read and Mark the Text: Print out the Bible passage, double-spaced, and use to mark up the text and make notes as you read (link below). To learn more about marking the text and questions to ask as you read, take a look at Reading Thoughtfully, Reading Purposefully, and Reading Selectively in the blog post, 10 Ways to Read the Bible.

#3 Questions to Ask When Reading Any Bible Passage

As you read the Bible passage, seek the answer the following questions from the passage and surrounding text:

  • Who is involved in the passage?
  • What is happening? Where is this taking place?
  • Is there a problem or concern being addressed?
  • Do you see any repeated words or phrases? How do they help you understand the main point of the passage?
  • What questions does the text raise? Can you uncover any of the answers to these questions from the text? (Unanswered questions are okay. Pray through them and be patient with the text and yourself as you study.)
  • What do you learn about God, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit from this passage?
  • What do you learn about redemption from this passage? What aspects of the redemption story are seen in this passage?
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