Sep 21 2018 - Oct 26 2018


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Fasting Friday

We are designating Fridays in the months of September and October as our churchwide fasting days. #fastingfriday

We live in two worlds—the physical world and the spiritual world and those two worlds are constantly battling each other. Our fleshly nature wants to be in control, but the Spirit of God in us should be in control. All too often our flesh wins this battle. We can see, touch, smell, hear, and taste the things in the physical realm, so naturally it is easier to succumb to the things of the world, allowing them to dominate over our Spirit. Fasting for the purpose of prayer and communing with God helps to reverse this.

We’ve prepared a fasting guide to help you focus your prayer time each Friday and gain greater focus and perspective as you pray.

I hope you will join us for these eight Fridays as we seek to ready our hearts, our minds, and our feet to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those around us.