Caroline Stroud

Hey y’all! I’m Caroline, a 22-year-old, Augusta-native, young professional. I went to Warren while I was in high school, but left for three years of college. When I moved back, I was invited to visit Warren’s College & 20’s Life Group & REUNITE Summer Olympics. After a few weeks of surface involvement & starting to develop relationships, I somehow scored a summer internship with the ministry! Once I [had] to be there, I quickly realized how much more I [wanted] to be there! The people in this ministry have surrounded me with joy, companionship, memories, and prayers through the past two years of my somewhat all-over-the-place life. They’ve never given up on me, and have pointed me towards the Lord in my moments of celebration, sorrow, and struggle. While that summer internship is long over, those first few months in the ministry are what plugged me in. Now, I’m able to serve by leading worship & deepen my community by being part of a D-GROUP. So many of these people are talented, passionate, Jesus disciples, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of the ministry.

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